NPO no: 132-580

Samaritan’s Feet
is a South African NPO,

that forms part of an international humanitarian organisation.

Our core focus is to serve impoverished children who don’t have shoes. Our approach is one of not merely giving shoes, but of giving hope. Because what these children hunger for more than anything else is hope.

When donating shoes to kids, we focus on connection. Because positive connection, both physical and emotional, makes an enormous impact on their lives. We spend time with them, washing and caring for their feet. We connect with their hearts, encouraging their hopes and dreams, and reminding them that their lives matter.

Ours is a happy and hope-filled effort – aiming to protect and serve both the feet and hearts of the children. Ultimately, we’re about changing lives. Those of the kids, our volunteers and our partners.

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Why Shoes?

In South Africa, many people are infected with foot-borne diseases – from contaminated soil, wounds, insect bites and infections. These diseases can be prevented with shoes, but millions of children do not own even a single pair. Click to read the full report >


Reaching 24 000 hearts by giving

24 000 PAIRS

Just R200 gives a pair of shoes,
socks and Hope!